Ballantyne Breakfast Club

An Informed Community is a Better Community



About Us

Informing Our Community

The Ballantyne Breakfast Club was founded in 2001 as a communication forum for the South Charlotte / Ballantyne area. This longstanding club is now organized by South Charlotte Partners and will continue to keep our community informed.

The club meets throughout the year, allowing key government, community, and business leaders to provide timely information in important areas, such as local developments, rezonings, education, transportation, safety, and city/county government.

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Alerting Our Community

Using community notices - we help residents stay up-to-date with important issues. We want to ensure that residents are aware of local happenings and can advocate for their best interests in a timely manner.

You can receive notices by signing up below on the South Charlotte Partners website.

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Connecting Our Community

Let us help connect you with local leaders and each other by subscribing to our email list and following us on Facebook.

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Our Meetings

Open to the Public


All of our meetings are free and open to the public



We bring city, community, and business leaders to you

Creating Connections


We bring city, community, and business leaders to you

Community Notices


Get Informed!

We strive to provide community information in Ballantyne with notices and information on pertinent issues such as community events, public notices, school updates, area rezonings, and developments.

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Learn about Upcoming Events on Our Events Page

Use the link below to go to our Events page and find out more about meetings and events hosted by the Ballantyne Breakfast Club & South Charlotte Partners.

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